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Smartphones have become the lifeline of today’s generation. Everyone is busy scrolling through their phone screens, from teenagers and working professionals to retired individuals. Even kids have become avid users of the device.

Smartphones have changed the way people communicate, find information, and shop for goods and services. With the rising use of these devices, running out of battery is a common problem.

Looking for a charging point in public places in Sydney or when you are travelling can be challenging. Also, a dead phone can put you out of contact in time of need. Thus, it is vital to know about a few hacks that will help boost the battery life and lifespan of your smartphones.


  1. Keep Your iPhone Updated

As a rule of thumb, you must update your phone as soon as the update alert is sent to you by Apple. The latest update helps in improving the energy-saving features of the iPhone.


  1. Switch to Low Power Mode

When travelling in Sydney with a low battery, it is better to switch to low-power mode. It helps to save battery by restricting auto-downloads, mail fetch and background app refresh. If you are in a poor-network area, you can switch your phone to airplane mode used on flights to save battery.


  1. Clean Your Phone

If you feel that your phone gets discharged quickly, you need to go to settings>battery on your iPhone. Identify the apps that are draining your battery because of high energy consumption. Check the stats for the past ten days to get a clear picture and remove the apps you do not need. Also, stop running several apps in the background while using the phone. Keep your mobile clean and uncluttered at all times.


  1. Atmospheric Temperature

The battery can get damaged when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures. The phone must be kept at room temperature that should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius to boost battery lifespan. The ideal ambient temperature to store a Smartphone lies between 16 and 22 degrees. If you end up damaging your battery, you must get it repaired through a reliable iPhone repair service in Sydney.


  1. Limit Location Access

Every app asks for permission to access the location. You must allow it only while using the app. If you have not selected this option, you can change it later by going to Settings> Privacy>Location Services. You can also choose never for location access if it suits your requirements. If you choose Always Allow option, it will drain the maximum battery from your iPhone. So choose wisely.


  1. Use Wi-Fi and Optimise Settings

Internet is a basic necessity when you are using a smartphone. However, you must use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data. The latter consumes a lot of power. Reduce the brightness of your screen to have a dim screen light. Also, reduce the time of auto lock from a minute to 30 seconds to avoid draining the battery unnecessarily. Mail Fetch settings can be adjusted by turning off background refresh.


  1. Control Notifications

Getting notifications from all the apps on your phone can be disturbing and drains the battery too. Make sure that you allow notifications from only those apps that require you to stay updated. Otherwise, go to settings>notifications and control notifications.



Your smartphone keeps you connected and is a lifesaver in times of need. So make sure your battery is optimised all the time to enjoy the best use of the device.

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